Goodbye to some of that

Luckily, Chip has not visited again yet, so we’ve had two peaceful nights.  Eloise cat thinks it’s quite all right to visit his territory, as she’s accustomed to doing, but I can quite see why she’s unhappy at him coming here at night.  We’re crossing fingers, anyway.

Yesterday was sunny and bright, with the happy result that I bobbed round merrily, full of energy.  LT started splitting logs while I went shopping for food, and then I barrowed them up to the house.  With full baskets and scuttles of lots and coal, we would be all set for a warm house all week.  Which was just as well, because it was tipping down this morning.  Jack, who delivers the papers, was soaked, having been caught in the worst of it.

We had haggis for Hogmanay dinner – yes indeed, with tatties and neeps, as well as onion gravy, all of which were cooked by LT.  It has been our sole concession to New Year’s Eve (possibly a dram will follow) and we have no plans for midnight jollifications.  Not that overplanning is at all necessary.

7 comments on “Goodbye to some of that

    1. Z Post author

      This is still the comparatively dry side of the country, we’re just not used to much rain. You must be drenched. I’m struggling a bit with the happy – personally yes, very happy, but blimey, it’s so tits up everywhere that I’m more anxious than looking forward. Still, we have to keep moving on. Happy New Year xxxx

  1. Scarlet

    I know what you mean… I confess to sticking my head in the sand most of the time, and when it’s not in the sand I fill it with TV dramas, films, and books. For me, personally, I know things are going to get a lot worse before they get better, but chin up and all that.
    Let’s hope 2018 does us the favour of not being as awful as we think it might be!!!

  2. Z Post author

    We were in bed by midnight – awake, at least – but no festivities.

    I know, it’s the light behind the shallot skins. I’ll take it down and find another one in a day or two.


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