Tomorrow morning. Really. When I’m sober.

I had a deeply serious meeting here tonight, discussing Health and Safety and Risk Assessment and Job Descriptions and stuff like that. It went very well, but I did produce wine.

Two bottles between three of us is okay. But one of us is on medication and, bless her, she’s a bit of a lightweight anyway, so she had one glass. Ro took a glass up to his room. Pete and I drank the rest. And a pot of coffee.

As a result, no post tonight. Sorry. I’m going to light three candles and lie in a scented bath for a bit. Or rather, for never let it be said that I’m not pedantic, in a bath of scented water. And I’ll be sober tomorrow.

7 comments on “*hic*

  1. martin

    Life in the sticks seems to be just one long round of clinking glasses….. I am so glad that I am moving, I must make sure that I inform the estate agent that my new house must be near an offee…….just so I fit in you understand ?. Is that you looking in the window of the glass shop ?.

  2. Z

    Hey, I am sober and it’s tomorrow. I didn’t, of course, have enough to feel the worse for wear today. And the sun is shining and I’m going to do a spot of gardening.

  3. Z

    The forecast said overcast, but it’s been sunny all morning. clouding over a bit now though. I’m going to mark out the paths/beds in the new veg patch and then do some pricking out in the greenhouse. With my iPod.


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