Z is lazy and she doesn’t care

Paul the postman brought me three CDs and a book (Shaggy Blog Stories). I don’t think I’m going to get much work done today.

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  1. Chairwoman of the bored

    Our old postman was called Paul, and whenever I saw him, a silly song ‘Postman Paul’, sung to the tune of ‘Postman Pat’ would go through my head.

    Perhaps this is a true indication of my current mental activity.

  2. Z

    Chairwoman, if you don’t watch out I’ll give you a job to do. A chair-height table, pricking out tomatoes, aubergines and lettuces.

    Pat, I had an email yesterday to say it had despatched, so once you have that you won’t have long to wait.

    Steg, I’ve got a CD of the last recital of Dinu Lipatti, who I only discovered a month or two back but who was the most sublime pianist ever. I know nothing about the other two, which are Nick Drake and Zero 7, and have bought them because Jen loves them. In accordance with my New Year’s policy of broadening my musical range, I love to have personal recommendations from friends. If you suggest something, I’ll buy it.

  3. Steg

    To my shame I have not heard of Dinu Lipatti. My knowledge of classical music is a little limited and only extends to certain composers and not to performers. Mea culpa!
    I’ve heard Nick Drake I think, although he appears to have left an indelible blank on my mind. Zero 7 are a new one on me.
    I’d hesitate to suggest something to you for fear of your spending your money on it and hating it. The kind of thing I listen to can be seen here
    and if you think you might like to broaden your musical in that direction then I’d be happy to flout the copyright laws (shhh!) and copy something for you.

  4. Z

    No shame at all, he is almost forgotten. He died of Hodgkin’s Disease or leukaemia, depending on which reference you look at, in 1950, aged 33. He is a sublime and perfect pianist and, though I’d vaguely heard of him, I was only moved to look him up because of a track ‘Dinu Lipatti’s Bones’ in a Mountain Goats album. The one I’ve just bought is his last recital, given when he should have been too ill to play, but he played divinely.

    For the last 35 years I’ve listened almost exclusively to classical and jazz music and I am enjoying the broadening of my mind and I’m happy to risk that an album is not to my taste.

    However, I’d be enchanted if you’d be kind enough to make up a disk for me, for that personal choice is the most friendly gesture one can receive.


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