Wicked Pisser!

I did enjoy that. Thanks for joining in.

Today was Squiffany’s birthday and she is now two years old. But I can’t write about her in a post entitled wicked pisser, so I’ll see if I can find a suitable photo for you, tomorrow.

6 comments on “Wicked Pisser!

  1. Wendz

    And yesterday was Fabien’s 7th birthday….snap! šŸ™‚

    That piss post was one of your best and really really funny. You are a one, Z.

  2. martin

    “A triumph !”……… Time Out

    “Z’s role is clear and concise”……. The Times

    “One of the finest blogs of the century”..Pig Keeper News

  3. Z

    I don’t get much done while she’s around, WG.

    Jen, I raise a glass (well, right now it’s a cup of tea, but it’s champagne in spirit) to you and J for sharing that excellent phrase.

    Yay to Fabien!!

    I look at you all with increased respect and affection, for good-naturedly coming and joining me at my true level.


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