Hic haec hoc

First and most important, John G has got a new blog.  He changed his email address and couldn’t access the blog any more, or something – anyway, here it is http://johng1962.wordpress.com/

As for me – well, it’s been busy.  Finance this morning, a depressingly long meeting this afternoon, with a good few hours’ follow-up to come and that’s all best put right out of my mind, because I am spending my evenings winding down from now on.

I have renewed my annual travel insurance, so Europe is my oyster, though I’ve nothing booked for several months, I’m covered now in case I have an accident that might stop me going to Vienna, and I’m free in case I’m invited somewhere – you think it’s unlikely?  Well, probably, but my friends Pam and Peter asked me to go to Corfu with them at two days’ notice, it’s not impossible.

I did have a chat with Al this evening, and suggested that he learn from my mistakes.  I wish we had had more holidays when my children were young.  Later, it became too difficult, but it would have been good.  None of his children has a passport yet and I’ve said I’ll pay for them.  Now matters, darlings, it really does.  The future may not happen.

We had hake for supper.  I run through the title, extended, every time we have hake.  It’s just one example of my foolishness.

Just for you, darlings, the knees of the elderly Z.  Though it’s been cooler today, I seem to have turned a corner and can’t wear winter tights any more.  Thank goodness I’m too old to be shoved into unseasonable bare legs.




6 comments on “Hic haec hoc

  1. Scarlet

    Nothing wrong with your knees, missus! I only climb out of my jeans when the temperature reaches 70 degrees… then I switch to cut down jeans… Ack, this is rural Devon… people rarely dress up. This is my excuse.

  2. Z Post author

    I love dresses, I’m so pleased people wear them again. I wear jeans much of the time too, but not at school. I was more casual yesterday, but it’s the smart skirt and jacket today because that was the part I needed to dress for.

    Rog, 🙂

    John, 🙂


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