Let chickens eat cake

Well, it hasn’t taken long to kick the cake habit.  I don’t even want any today.  Pity really – still, Russell and the chickens can finish off the rest.

The chickens have finally started laying reliably again, having all taken a protracted break during an extremely mild winter – but most of them are very old, I suppose it’s fair enough.  The youngsters have started laying now though – we’ve had several tiny eggs; the smallest are just for practice and, when cracked, prove to be filled with albumen with no yolk.  Even the full-sized ones are quite small and it took six to match the half-pound of butter etc for Monday’s cakes (one might have expected four standard eggs).   When you find a dozen or more eggs a day in the henhouse, it’s just as well that they’re small.  One of them is enough for me for breakfast – unless one scrambles it of course.  However large the (chicken’s) egg, one is never enough, scrambled.  How is that?  It’s a similar thing with mashed potatoes.  You always have to cook far more when you’re going to mash them.

It’s Squiffany’s birthday tomorrow and I won’t have a present for her, not unless I can find something as a token – which I will, there’s sure to be something nice in the gift shop in town.  I had a phone call from the company I ordered her case from – such a nice woman with a pretty Welsh-accented voice rang, to apologise that the case won’t be in stock until Monday.  I looked again at the website, but I still liked the purple one best, so said I’d wait.  She promised to send it next-day delivery – I’ll still have the case 8 days after ordering it and within their promised delivery period and I’m happy with the service.  She was really lovely and I’ll write to tell them so.

A terribly dull post today, darlings and I apologise.  I’m taking long evenings off to wind down, because I must.  Indeed, I was in bed by 9 o’clock last night.  Can’t talk about current events so will probably dive back into the past again, or else take a break for a few days.

4 comments on “Let chickens eat cake

  1. Liz

    “A terribly dull post today” – well, that’s a matter of opinion. Chickens, cakes and a birthday sounds pretty interesting to me. I still marvel at how regularly you manage to blog – I can go for weeks unable to think of anything to write about.

    I’ll tell you what is dull; printing out holiday insurance documents! 29 more pages? Lovely.

    1. Z Post author

      Mine has 64 pages in the main document and 9 additional pages. I’ve just printed the validation certificate, the rest can sit on the computer and I trust it’ll never be needed. It’s in the Insurance and Policies gmail folder in case it’s needed, folks.

      I like to blog most days but if I waited until I had something to say, it would all lapse into oblivion!

  2. Mike Horner

    I think we probably all have that problem, Z and Liz. I find that if I can take a few photos I can write a blog entry round them. If I spend a day or so in the workshop doing fairly mundane jobs I don’t bother to bore people with the details.


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