Z takes a day to breathe

I love having Hay here while his mother is at work.  It’s just one morning a week, which is enough to enjoy without it restricting me at all, and he’s so well-behaved that any vital work can be fitted around him.

As we strolled down the road after lunch, I thought about the pace of life when you have a toddler.  I’m not saying we’re *too* fast, only that we often whizz around and don’t have time to look at things.  Today, I finally found some plantain growing, which tortoises like to eat but which apparently doesn’t overwinter above ground, I finally – being deeply unobservant – discovered what a blue tit sounds like – I’ve seen the birds and heard the sound all my life but never put them together and I don’t mind at all if you’re shocked.  I’m too old to be shamed and also have too often discovered myself having admitted something that others are then encouraged to come clean about too – I don’t suppose they will be about the blue tits, but it hardly matters.  I may have spent nearly half my life in the country, but I lived in town until I was 32.

That may indicate, of course, why I feel equally at home in either.  I’m lucky in that regard.  One of my facebook friends is shortly to visit London for the first time, yet she’s in her mid-forties.  I do hope she has a good time and isn’t overwhelmed.

It was good to have some toddler-necessitated quiet today.  We fed and admired the tortoises, walked the dog, fed the chickens, baked cakes, read books, ate cakes, ate lunch, went to visit the pet shop (where the animals are superbly cared for, I’d not hesitate to buy from there … if I wanted to), watered plants, ate more cakes, picked flowers for Mummy and then, as a bonus, I ordered at least part of Squiffany’s birthday present.  She has school trips and holidays coming up, so I’ve bought her a suitcase, a jolly purple-spotted one.  I’ll buy her things to go in it too, but thought she might enjoy the fun of choosing those herself.

I must buy cards tomorrow to send to friends – two little girls have been born in the past week. Claire and Gerrit’s daughter is called Olivia Grace, but Jonathan and Dulcie hadn’t named their daughter, the last I heard.  Happy families, bless them.

4 comments on “Z takes a day to breathe

  1. Scarlet

    I remember being looked after by an Aunt when I was very small. Very happy days and you’ve reminded me of her. She used to have a stable door as a back door and the birds used to perch here and eat bread crumbs – this sounds very Disney! But it’s true.
    I’m still trying to match birds to birdsong… trouble is that they all seem to sing at once!

  2. Z Post author

    We should download a birdsong app. There’s bound to be some.

    I hope my grandchildren grow up with happy memories of being with me. I used to look after Squiffany regularly, but she was too young for it to fix in her memory then.


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