Here comes Z

And, as I type, Blogger is down. Ho hum.

Last night was the first I’ve spent alone in the house for years – I can\t remember how many. I slept toppingly and the day started well when I ignored the alarm and went back to sleep. I was reading happily in bed when the phone rang at 8.30, with friend B talking about arrangements for setting up the village hall for the quiz and supper tonight. It was agreed that I’d go along and meet her at 11.15.

I read for a while longer.

Eventually, I got up, made porridge and coffee and started to read the paper. The phone rang. Al wondered if I might have time to help a bit in the shop as, Eileen being on holiday, he was a bit rushed. Friday is busy anyway, and he also has several orders to make up. I promised to be there in 15 minutes. However, 5 minutes later Kenny arrived. He will be 90 in a week’s time and it’s always a pleasure to see him – but I didn’t really have time. I finally arrived at the shop and Al had time to finish putting stuff out on shelves while I served customers and filled my baskets with stuff for tonight’s supper.

The rest of the day was spent cooking and back in the shop, and I was ready to get changed – but it was time to leave, so I went in scruffy clothes and hair unbrushed. We came joint second. Al, Dilly and I should have taken that third bottle of wine. Barry was a splendid quizmaster, starting by giving the answer to the first question immediately after answering it, and reading out all the rest of the answers in the wrong order. It was great fun. I won a raffle prize, which was a fabulous little hamper with Fortnum & Mason caramel and nougat (hard and nutty!!(!) ), Himalayan tea from the Everest Tea House, in a little zip-up bag, no fewer than four little jars of Wilkin & Sons’ preserves, a small box of Guylian chocolates, a 200g tin of foie gras de canard (sorry) and a pack of superior biscuits. As well as a dear little wicker hamper.

The Sage had a successful trip and we’re both mightily pleased with my purchase (which was his birthday present). It is a collector’s cabinet; a nicely mid-oaky-brown coloured, albeit pine, chest of 10 drawers, just over 2 feet tall, each drawer dovetailed rather than pinned with dear little turned knobs. It is of a size that can stand on the floor or on a piece of furniture; I do not yet know his intention. He wishes to fill it with his collection of vestas, which he has been amassing over 40 years or so.

Tomorrow, I will go to the shop early with Al (early for me is late for Dave, admittedly: I mean at 7 o’clock) and then come home to load my computer (which, being a Mac, is highly portable) into the car to take to Norwich, for a little outing – it enjoys this sort of thing. Then I shall wander around for a little while and have lunch, and then take tea with the Bishop. After that, we’ll fetch Ro home for the weekend and have roast chicken for dinner.

Blogger is back! Here I come!

7 comments on “Here comes Z

  1. Z

    Taking tea with the Bishop does sound rather a dodgy euphemism, but that’s exactly what we did. In fact, with two bishops. And about 300 other people. Sorry to blow your cover, Dave.

    I’ll take a picture of his drawers once he’s filled them.

    Thanks for the video link WG, I’d love to see it. Everyone, do take a look, it’ll be beautiful.

  2. luckyzmom

    I am very fond of small chests with lots of drawers am looking forward to you posting a picture of the Sage’s gift.

    Will go check out “paradise” now.


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