Z gets all Dressed Up

Ro is getting on fine at his new place. He says food costs surprisingly little – this is largely because he always cooks meals from scratch, rarely cooks meat and his landladies grow lots of vegetables. He would like to take some eggs back with him though – this is hardly surprising; I find supermarket eggs disappointing.

“So,” I said “you did the right thing moving out?” “Yeah”, he answered casually, not realising that he was supposed to be polite about it.

Very cheesed off to get my credit card bill today and discover that the day that payment is to be cleared by is today. I’ll have to ring up and tell them. If the Sage hadn’t happened to notice it, I’d have been charged interest. I trust they sensibly respond to reason (but I expect they will, can’t see why not).

Both the Bishops look very well and the whole do was very pleasant and hospitable. At one point, a chap came along with a microphone, and said he’d noticed that several cars were parked on the grass outside the Bishop’s House. “That’s not under our jurisdiction,” he said. “No tickets have been given out yet, but it’s only a matter of time, so if those people would like to drive in, they’re welcome.” Three men got up and hurried out. It was so much more pleasant than just being warned, don’t you think? Just as the Bishop of Norwich came in the marquee, it started to rain. Within a minute or two, there was a deluge. Conversation stopped as we couldn’t hear each other speak. A few people who had been caught outside came hurrying in, with or without umbrellas. Our party had done rather well, in fact. We’d arrived promptly at the start, been round the gardens and were early in the line for tea. When there was a queue of 50 or so, we felt pretty damn smug. I took a few photos but it felt a bit touristy for a guest, so only to remind me of particular plants. There was a gardener at work – “those ground elder in flower behind the bergenia are rather pretty – have you got them in containers for effect?” asked Bridget. “No, that area needs weeding,” he admitted.

11 comments on “Z gets all Dressed Up

  1. Dave

    I have my credit card set up to pay the full amount each month by direct debit. That means I can never forget to pay the thing.

  2. Z

    I don’t forget to pay it, and if I were going away I’d phone to check the amount and when it’s due, and pay early if necessary. But whereas one card company gives an adequate time, another gives barely enough even before delays in the postal system are taken into account. I don’t like direct debits.

  3. Z

    Something of an endgame, Rog, if we were all that was left.

    A note has been put on my account that I’m to have time to pay; a charge may go through automatically on Monday in which case I can ring and put it right when the next bill comes in.

  4. zIggI

    someone said to me the other day you need to pull up that ground elder it’s a weed. I didn’t know to which plant they were refering though.

  5. Z

    I’ve just been paid some money I didn’t know I was owed. It feels damn good, and I’m wondering what to do with it. (and the money, darling)

  6. Z

    Likewise, LZM. Dave and I were talking about the subject this morning – it seems that at least one major credit card company has a different payment day each month. One would almost suspect that they hope some of their customers will miss it.


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