12 comments on “Happy birthday, Sage

  1. anonymous

    That is quite an accent. A friend was saying her mother can’t understand what the actors are saying on many of the English shows such as Rumpole and East Enders. We are in the U.S. I advised she put the captioning option on so her mom can read what they are saying. Happy Birthday Mr. Sage!

  2. Z

    Not many people have a true Norfolk accent like that any more. I remember, when I first came to live in Lowestoft, not understanding our gardener.

    Martin, I will never be as good as the divine Postie, but thank you very much for the compliment.

    And cheers to you, Steg and Jen.

    BTW, Dew Yar Far Keep a Dickie? means Does your father own a donkey?


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