8 comments on “What?

  1. I, like the view

    my only thought is that I don’t really like hairy men. . .

    actually my only other thought is how on earth does one di-whateverthewordis-ate hands free?

    and why couldn’t they have invesnted a hands free way for women?

    oh, look, three thoughts!


  2. Wendz

    Well I don’t like it when men have thick black hair crawling up their necks like an out-of-control jungle, but men def def should have hair on their bodies…it’s, you know, manly.

    However, I can see that those who do want to defuzz would prefer that crazy cream to a waxing session… such little wussies, men are!

    Silly name though.

  3. Z

    A friend once confided that he had invested in a trimmer, that turned out to be such fun to use that he got a bit carried away…

  4. Only me

    Your link gave me about 30 hits – but not a single comment on my site! I was still with my Aussie girlfriend when I took that photo and she thought I was odd for giggling at it.

    She walked away in embarrasment when I took out my phone to snap a piccy!

  5. Z

    I take photos just to share on the blog too. My family is beyond embarrassment.

    I guess the comments were left here instead of with you. Sorry! I hope some of them become return visitors though.


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