Happy Birthday, Sage – continued

The Sage turned down all offers of jollifications, but we did sing Happy Birthday to him this afternoon when the family came through with presents.

And I had been hoping to dig up the first potatoes of the season from the garden today. We hardly needed to add the steak and champagne to this home-grown feast.

These, from a couple of days ago, are of the Artist At Work

5 comments on “Happy Birthday, Sage – continued

  1. Wendz

    Mushrooms, green beans and littley tomatoes – perfect with steak and champers. That’s one of my favourite dishes.

    As for Squiffany – well she certainly had a lot of fun..glad I didn’t have to clean all that up (I’ve done my time, dearie, believe me I have).

  2. Z

    She’s actually quite a tidy child and stays still while you’re mopping, so it wasn’t an ordeal. I like encouraging children to be messy anyway, I think it’s good for them.

    I look forward to showing her naked painting. Bumprints!

  3. Z

    No, she had already made him a card. We gave these to her mother.

    No bumprint? There you are, a good family activity for the next sunny day. A roll of wall lining paper and dishes of paint in the garden and afterwards, throw wet sponges at each other while you run around on the lawn.

    We make our own amusement in the country.


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