Happy Birthday, dear Ro-Ro

This week, I’ve had to catch up with looming deadlines, most of which involved things that people had rather thought I’d done weeks ago. For one of them, I visited the local printer. I had given them forewarning, ages ago, but not taken in the item for printing. “That time of the year again?” said John, jovially. “Rather imminently, I’m afraid,” I apologised. “It’s my fault for not coming in sooner, but now we’re a bit close to the deadline.” “You want it back yesterday, then” he said in his taking-it-in-his stride voice. Actually, by the end of next week will do, but I didn’t mention that. They’ve just taken a proof copy to the shop and the Sage has given it to me (so useful, doing things locally, no special trips needed). I have a feeling I’ll have the completed order back by the end of the week, so it’ll look as if I was in time all along.

This morning’s meeting was the Festival Committee. Yes, the festival was two weekends ago; this was the – well, post mortem is hardly the phrase. Debrief? Hm. Post-festival meeting, shall we say. I took notes of things to bear in mind next year and we’ve set the date of the next meeting in January 09.

Anyway, no matter about all that. The important matter of the day is that it’s my little boy’s birthday. Ro is 24 today. Happy Birthday, Ro!!(!)

10 comments on “Happy Birthday, dear Ro-Ro

  1. Z

    He’s the tallest, by half an inch, in the family (and I’m the shortest). It was meant ironically…

    Oh, and THIRD!!(!)

  2. Z

    Dave and Simon – which of you is the smoother?

    HDWK – he didn’t bother to take the day off work, because he hadn’t anything planned! – but he had a good time.


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