Family bonding

Before I left for Norwich, I put some monkfish in to marinate in a hastily concocted mixture of lime juice, olive oil, ground cumin and turmeric, a mixture chosen almost at random but not quite. Weeza took little persuasion to come home for the evening and we called in at the supermarket at Riverside on the way home. To my surprise, I liked M0rr1son, maybe because I had taken a rare trip to Tesc0 the other day and not liked that at all; it was enormous and confusing with a poor layout. I was slightly less pleased when we left, as the traffic lights further on held up the traffic on the road so that there was never any room for cars leaving the car park to join the queue. I finagled my way in, in the end, with a ditzy blonde routine.

Dilly had made salads, so I just made a quick tomato salsa and we took plates and cutlery out, and glasses and wine of course, and the Sage cooked dinner. Ro didn’t know his sister would be joining us so he was pleased. Later he went in to Yagnub to meet friends.

Today, it being Friday, his bosses will take him out to lunch. Yes, that’s their Friday thing. They then all finish up the week’s work, so may finish late or early, in which case they all play a computer game. Ro is happy in his place of work. He’s going to spend the weekend with his sister and then they’ll come back on Sunday and we’re all going out for lunch.

Late last night, we spent a bit of time looking at websites – villages, small businesses etc. and Ro gave his professional opinion on them, which was highly entertaining. He was a bit scathing about those who quote relatively high prices and whose programming didn’t meet his standards. One firm boasted 25 years’ experience “Sure,” he said “and it shows, a lot of that experience is 25 years old.”

And so, after half an hour’s cheerful carping, to bed.

Today, Weeza is having a day out with Dilly and the children. Splendid.

8 comments on “Family bonding

  1. Z

    Really, Manic? I’m absolutely fucking brilliant – but then I’m older than you, so I’ve had more practice…

  2. Z

    It’s the first time I’ve visited one of those unmentionable establishments this year. I do use the local Co-op, but I shop in local independent stores most of the time. Not too many of those open at 5.30 on the outskirts of Norwich though, especially when you realise that with an extra person at dinner you don’t have quite enough fresh fish!


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