Growing things

More weeding.  But we steered clear of the lunchtime beer today.  How sensible we are.

I’ve been looking at the three Serama bantam chicks, that are now a little over six weeks old.  It’s too early to be sure whether they’re male or female, but sometimes you can tell, or at least have an indication.  I’m fairly sure one, at least, is a girl and none of them is obviously a boy, so that’s a good start.  Roses and Boy moved their coop, to their great pleasure, as they immediately started scratching in the new soil for insects, encouraged by their foster mother.  Seramas are cuter than chicks usually are, simply because of their diminutive size.  I suppose they will go through the scraggy teenage stage, but they’re not approaching it yet.

When weeding, we discovered a number of french beans that had been hiding close to the ground.  We’re doing rather well for beans at present, though fortunately we like them.  But we had a french/runner/broad bean trio with dinner tonight.  I’ll be weeding the swiss chard and spinach tomorrow.  I wonder what we’ll eat in the evening?  Hmmm.  We’re also eating home-grown tomatoes, including the first outdoor ones, and potatoes – the peas are finished, I only grew one sowing as the ground tends to get too dry for a later batch.  And we had our first green pepper the other day.  Lovely.

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