Wi – fie!

I arranged a new phone and broadband contract a few weeks ago, and was sent a new hub.  And then, of course, we had to reset everything.  The computers and mobile phones were fine, the music system was a real pain – I finally did it with my computer while Tim was away and then he couldn’t manage it when he got back, turned everything off and left it and it magically worked after all the next day.  I set up the Netflix etc tv box,  and all that was left was the printer, which really didn’t want to connect.  But it did in the end, though I never have managed to connect it with my phone again, which is a minor nuisance.

This evening, I needed to print out some documents – it’s one of those occasions when i simply can’t manage with looking at numbers on several different documents on a screen, but must have them on paper.  And the computer can’t connect with the printer.  Each is connected with the internet, Tim’s computer is connected with the printer, but mine tells me I’ve done something wrong, the beast; because I haven’t.

In the end, I emailed the documents to Tim and he’s printed them for me.  But by this time, i was quite ratty and tired and it was dinnertime, so I wanted him to entertain me with cheery chit-chat and take my mind off the whole thing.  And we seem to have spent a couple of hours in this manner, so I’m jolly well not going to do my paperwork and spoil the whole evening and it can just wait until the morning.

I’ll take it with me, because Tim has an appointment with the dentist and then we’re going shopping, because it’ll soon be his birthday.  i’ve got one present for him, but he’ll choose another.

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