Graham almost clears a space

Graham is still ploughing on through the barns.  He has immense fortitude and stays cheerful throughout, I’m not sure how.

My monthly cleaners came today – just two women for two hours a month, but it’s good to know that either a couple of rooms will be cleaned thoroughly or most of the house speedily when I haven’t had time.  I’ve asked them for a couple of extra hours next month, which will be a few days before the blog party, because I’ve a lot of sorting out before then, so having them to clean afterwards will be lovely.

As a reminder of that, Saturday 30th May, starting around 12 noon and everyone really is welcome.  You don’t have to be a blogger of course, anyone you’d like to bring is most welcome, including dogs (and tortoises) and if there are any dietary requirements, just let me know.  You’re also welcome to stay over if you like.

After the cleaners and Graham had left, I drove over to Weeza’s workplace, swapped my car for the van and headed for the north Norfolk coast area.  Thank goodness for satnavs, I’m not the best navigator, especially when alone in the car, and I found the house with no difficulty.  The mower is fine and we loaded it into the van (the front wheels had to be removed to make it fit).  That was an interesting job, I backed up to a walled area, he drove the mower up the slope to the wall, we wedged a wooden pallet across and he drove the mower in.  Then we had to take off the wheels and hump the mower another foot forward until the doors could be shut.

When I got home, I found a Premium Bond cheque for £25 – the fourth of Russell’s to have won since he died.  A nice gesture.  I also received a card which, as soon as I opened it, realised was another card of condolence.  Seeing the signature, from Angela, was rather disconcerting as the only Angela I could think of wrote to me months ago and I saw her too before Christmas.  I thought she’d forgotten and was surprised to hear it again.  Fortunately, I was wrong.  I have another friend called Angela, we used to be on a committee together.  How kind of her to write, I’ve been surprised at the number of letters I’ve received even months after Russell died.  She also mentioned that another mutual friend died before Christmas, so I must write to his widow.

One thing that Graham is enjoying in particular is the English spring weather.  He and his wife moved to New Zealand some 15 years ago and they really like it there and do not intend to move back.  But being here in April has reminded him what he has been missing.  Spring is a wonderful season and it’s just too abrupt in so many countries, if it happens at all.

2 comments on “Graham almost clears a space

  1. sablonneuse

    I really don’t know how you find the time to blog at all considering how busy you are.
    How I wish I could come to the party but it’s impossible to travel far with my invalids and animals at home.

    Anyway, one of these days when you have more time on your hands I look forward to welcoming you chez-nous.

  2. Z Post author

    I used to be better, but I’ve let go and don’t tap away at my phone at midnight any more – probably a good thing.

    You’ll be the first person I visit when I have the time. I thought I’d have come by now, but Zig had to be a priority. It was going to be the spring – I’ll look in my diary and see, and email you. xx


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