Z starts to feel that the time will come when things will really be better

I’m neglecting my blog horribly.  For a while, I resolved to post every day as a sort of self-discipline and I sometimes tapped away tiredly in bed at nearly midnight to get my daily post written.  Then, I felt I should let go of that, in case it should turn into a sort of obsession, and decided to let a day or a few days go if that seemed all right, either because nothing much happened or if too much did and there was no time.  Now, I’m sometimes tired and disinclined to go near the computer.  But I do love blogging and my friends here and I don’t neglect it by real choice.

Catching up on a busy week –

Graham has continued to be wonderful.

Weeza has continued to be wonderful.

I spent Wednesday evening with Al and co, he and I started with a good chat that put some things to rights that needed to be discussed.

I am negotiating to buy a mower that could solve a lot of problems.  I’m hopeful that my visit to north Norfolk on Tuesday will be fruitful.  I was frank with the present owner about my situation and what I’m looking for and he seems very nice and honest.  Russell’s van is with Weeza this week, but I’ll fetch it on my way to NN and hope to pay and bring the mower home with me, ready for Wince to use it on Thursday.

Ben’s owners are away for the next week, so I have the doggie here with me.  He’s next to me on the sofa right now, dear boy.  When Dave brought him here, he was a bit stressed, which I could sense in him and also see, because he was panting (the dog, not the man) but he settled down quickly and let Dave go without a backward glance.  I’ll mostly be here next week and he will have lots of cuddles and walks.

We have cleared the big attic.  It’s empty, apart from a bed, which I can’t identify.  I don’t know where Russell got it from – I have an idea but there will never be any way of proving it, so I have to just take it apart and bring it down and get rid of the damn thing, resentfully.  I don’t want to be cross with Russell but – anyway, it was no more help when he was alive because he never answered questions then either.

I’m so grateful that I could cry, there’s nowhere for gratitude to go when you can’t repay it.  Lovely friends and family, I feel absolutely cherished and that is not a feeling I’ve ever been used to.  I hardly know what to do with it.  I can only accept.

5 comments on “Z starts to feel that the time will come when things will really be better

  1. kipper

    A neighbor and his family have been exceptionally kind to me. I told them how much they are appreciated and that I never felt like I ever did enough in return. The father’s comment “It doesn’t matter the amount you do for people, it is that it is done with good intentions and love”. You are a dear woman Z, everyone who loves you wants to help you and knows you appreciate them.

  2. Roses

    It’s good to see you basking in the love of others. You give so much to people, that you give them the opportunity to return the favour is lovely.



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