Gather ye daffodils while Z may

1 I see that Google Reader is closing down in July.  I am, even now, downloading (via Google Takeaway) all the info I have stored there, but what do I do with it?  Can anyone recommend a good feed reader, please?

2 I have no comment to make on the appointment of a new Pope.  I expect it to have no impact on my life at all and it doesn’t seem necessary to form an opinion.

3 I went out this morning without a coat to put some papers in the recycling bin.  I did not scuttle back moments later, chilled to the marrow.  And when the snow melted, daffodils were in flower.  The Met Office app says that the temperature today will be 5º max (feels like 2º) so that this feels quite warm shows how used to the cold I have become.  The sunshine shows that the windows need cleaning.  I’ll go over them with a babywipe*, housework has its limits and I’ve already done the dusting today.  And cleaned my computer keyboard.  Ben found a patch of sunshine to lie in (and I took a photo which is on Facebook).

4 Having booked a holiday in the autumn, my sister emailed to suggest we go away together the same week.  The dear girl has now suggested a different date.  Bring it on, I say.  I like holidays, even if there’s only going to be a few days between them.  And they’ll be quite different in style, one very relaxing and the other busy, with lots of sightseeing and museums.

5 The sunshine has also shown me how much glinting white shows in my hair.  I don’t care.  I’m not going to get into the tyranny of dyeing it and having to touch up roots.  I don’t mind going grey and I don’t mind looking my age, either.

*I just have.  Most of the dust is on the outside.  It can stay there, then.

16 comments on “Gather ye daffodils while Z may

  1. allotmentqueen

    My dad died on the same day as the last Pope. He was a Catholic and living in Spain at the time, but because you can’t have a memorial mass on the same day as the Pope he had to wait until the next day.

    It is bright and sunny today and I have crocuses! Cheered me up no end.

    My hair has been steadily going silver for years now. There’s no way I’m going for hair dye. Life’s too short to bother with that. And, let’s face it, I am getting old. I’m a month older than you for a start.

  2. Liz

    I spotted some crocuses in our garden this morning. 🙂

    When I went out earlier it felt much warmer than the 5 degrees that it claims to be. Sky all cloudy and dark now though. 🙁

    The Z approach to housework sounds very similar to my own.

  3. dinahmow

    A pox on Google! I say.
    I’ve transferred most of my list to the WordPress reader, which, apparently, is rather like subscribing in email. Nowhere near as fast as the reader, but at least I’m n ot paying for a service.
    I did look on the web at some of the others and they are choking with adverts and are probably(entirely my own suspicion;no proof) open to spam abuse.

    Our weather’s improved, too. Well, the latest cyclone is moving away.

  4. wendz

    Oh I am so cross with Google! I’ve spent a lot of time this evening looking for a new reader….tried to install Feedly as it has good reviews but it just isn’t working with Safari and it seems I am not the only one with the problem. So back to the drawing board.

    At least it’s made me clean up my blog subscriptions – I’ve unsubscribed and unfollowed from more than 100, which can only be good for my time management. Such as it is.

    I vacuumed upstairs today and feel virtuous. Dusting is for another day.

  5. wendz

    I’ve just signed up for Bloglovin’. It looks quite basic and I have to redo all my folders but at least it imported all my subscriptions. It will do for now – everything else I’ve tried has bombed for one reason or another, including being too complicated. Feeling thoroughly disgruntled right now.

  6. Tim

    I’m obviously simple-minded! I access blogs via the blogger dashboard, and everything else via the google toolbar or my bookmarks. Am I missing something?

  7. janerowena

    Babywipes! No smears? I must try that, I have been using Windolene wipes, which are expensive. Only once a year, mind. Mustn’t overdo it. I’m firmly of the opinion that dusty windows keep the heat in in winter and filter out harmful rays in the summer.

  8. Z

    Look, if the Anglicans can have a Bishop Tutu, I reckon a Pope Sicola is par for the course.

    AQ, if ever I do dye my hair it will be an absurd colour such as green, when I’m 80, which will also be the age at which suitability of clothing doesn’t count and I’ll wear skinny jeans too. I’m too young to dye my hair.

    Those of you who don’t use a feedreader, you evidently don’t follow as many blogs as I do. It’s so easy, you know when they’ve been updated and you don’t have to have a great long list on your sidebar. Some of them are defunct, mind you, such as Kaz and Murph, but I can’t delete them.

    It worked very well, Jane, though they were only a little dusty, not really dirty. I old-fasiounedly polished them with newspaper afterwards to remove any smears. When they’re really in need of a good clean, I use a window-cleaning spray.

    I can’t believe I, of all people, am talking about cleaning windows. My reputation will be ruined.

    Thanks for advice about readers, I’ll follow up on what you’ve said. When I have to, in late June, probably.

  9. mig

    I never caught on to the idea of feed readers – and indeed have a quite long list of blogs in my side bar.

    I’m looking forward to that sunshine – it’s not quite so cold here now but very wet!


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