This little finger on the right – except it isn’t, it’s a thumb and it’s on the left

The only problem with this 5 things way of blogging, which many of you have also taken up because it works very well, is what I should call the posts.  There’s rarely a unifying theme and there are only so many variations on 5.  Anyway,  here are today’s five plus a postscript, because it doesn’t seem appropriate to write it in a list.

1 Not sure what happened last night, I cooked and ate dinner (trout) and read the paper and was suddenly overwhelmed by tiredness.  Not ill, just exhausted.  I thought a bath might perk me up, but it didn’t and I was in bed and asleep before 9.  That meant I thought it was morning at 2 am and I didn’t sleep again, or not until I decided to get up at 7.  That sent me off for half an hour, oh yes.

2 May have to postpone meetings, as we’re getting so many apologies.  Oh good, that means I might have time to get ready for them.

3 My sister asked if I was free for a literary lunch in London in June, which I’d have liked to go to.  Unfortunately, it’s the same day as a concert in Blythburgh church – the only daytime one I’ve booked for, except the children’s one which is at a weekend.  Always the way, innit?

4 When preparing the trout, I cut my thumb.  I thought I was in for a painful time, as I was handling both salt and lemon juice, but it hasn’t hurt at all, then or since.  Quite odd.  Actually, I just bit my thumb to be quite sure it hadn’t lost all feeling.

5 Looking out of the east window, the sky is grey.  On the west side, the sky is blue.  The Sage took Ben for his walk this morning (I expect it was a short one but can’t blame him) and I haven’t been out of the house yet.  I have to go out after lunch but would much rather stay home and skulk by the fire.

I’m sorry to say that my friend, whom I visited in Norwich hospital a couple of weeks ago, is very ill and unlikely to see the weekend.  I shall not see her again: family visits only now.  

9 comments on “This little finger on the right – except it isn’t, it’s a thumb and it’s on the left

  1. Liz

    We’ve had all sorts of different weather today in Ipswich, including some enormous hail stones. Unlike you, I shall not be venturing out at all today.

    Very sorry to hear that your friend will not recover.

  2. Z

    Thank you. She hasn’t eaten since going into hospital and they removed her drip a few days ago. She’s not in pain, drifting away quietly. She made the most of her final year, went out and had fun.

    We’ve had sun, sleet and snow today.

  3. janerowena

    I’m so sorry, Z. We lost a friend last autumn and didn’t realise that ‘family only’ meant the end, we thought he was just extra tired. It’s awful to not have a chance to say goodbye to a friend when you are sometimes far closer to them than their family.

  4. Z

    Well, that can be it, or it can be risk of infection. There’s no harm in others visiting her, but she won’t know them. I’m so sorry, she is a lovely woman who was always looked after by her husband, nursed him devotedly when he had cancer and coped determinedly after he died. I shall miss her.

  5. janerowena

    Maybe it’s best to remember them when they were well. In my mind, my best friend is perpetually weeding the borders either side of her pergola in the sunshine with her spaniel running around her feet.

  6. Z

    When one sees someone dead or dying, the image is always in one’s head. It’s not the only image of the person, but it never goes away – so you’re right.


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