Zed and the Art of Motor Maintenance

1 The Sage noticed a couple of days ago that my offside sidelight wasn’t working so I was going to go and buy a new bulb, but on the way home last night the headlamp wasn’t working either.  It had been fine last time I used it, but the warning light lit up within minutes of leaving the restaurant.

So today I toddled in to the car maintenance shop in Yagnub where the very helpful owner had also ordered me a new rear windscreen wiper and brought them all home.  And reader, I fitted them.  Yes, I know it’s not that hard, but I’ve never done it before, having always had a husband for that sort of thing.  I still have the husband but he has lost interest in such matters over the last couple of years and besides, he’s out.

When done, I duly tested them and have to admit an arms-in-the-air triumphant “Yes!” moment.

2 After the Finance meeting today, two of my fellow Trustees and I (all the governors are academy directors, though we don’t use the term normally, but four of us are Members of the Academy Trust, though we avoid saying that too, most of the time) had an informal chat and I broached a subject that’s needed to be talked about for a while, ie succession planning.  It’s up for discussion about staff anyway, but I was talking about me.  Not for a while, I’m not standing down yet, but that’s the point of calling it succession planning.  My aim is not to be missed when I leave because I’ll have prepared for it.  And we’re going to start by raising the matter, not just about me but other key governors, at our Steering meeting on Monday week.

3 The air has changed.  Though still cold, winter is no longer here.  I trust it won’t be back for at least 8 months.

4 My passport runs out in December.  I’m going to Turkey in September and need to have 6 months at least in hand (I mean, on the date – I’m only going for a week).  Oh joy, a new passport photo.  I’m going to Beccles tomorrow, I might as well go into the post office and pick up a form – as I remember, you can’t get them here.

5 Talking of going to Beccles tomorrow, the purpose of that is to meet Squiffany after gymnastics and take her out to lunch and Shopping! for her birthday on Wednesday.  She will be eight.  I know, it’s hard to believe, she’s older than this blog.

8 comments on “Zed and the Art of Motor Maintenance

  1. Liz

    1. I am impressed!

    2. Sounds very sensible.

    3. I admire your optimism regarding the weather. This morning it was warmer here than it has been all week but the temperature is already falling.

    4. Renewing a passport seems to be more difficult every time. I recommend making use of the post office’s checking service; they picked up several things on my last form that I thought were fine but apparently would not be accepted by the passport people. One of these things was that the person who had signed to confirm that I am me had allowed their signature to go over the line of the box they had signed in.

    5. I hope that Squiffany enjoys her birthday treat.

  2. Rog

    I bet you’ve been waiting years to use this post title!

    I thought only Royalty were able to employ a full time rear wiper these days.

  3. Z

    There’s a change in the air though, John. It may return to winter temperatures, but it feels different. Or maybe I’m just ready for a change myself.

    I’m dreading it, Liz. I had a new photo taken last year for my driving licence and I was going to use that for the passport too, but I look so severe and jowly that I don’t think I can bear to. Mind you, I still don’t look as old as my last passport picture indicates.

    Rog, yup. Not sure what to do with the rest of my life now.

  4. martina

    My license was renewed on the internet 5 years ago, no new photo required, so I look 10 years younger/more rested than actual age on the license. Dread getting it renewed in two years when a new photo will be needed.

  5. mig

    That’s definitely a triumph. I hope it wasn’t raining.

    The snowdrops and crocuses think the same as you though I’m not totally convinced yet. Last week we had two days too hot for woollies followed by too cold to put your nose outside.

    Have a lovely time with Squiffany.

  6. Z

    It’s an awful photo on my present passport, I look old and scared. The next one can’t be much worse.

    The five points thing has rather taken off, HDWK, quite a number of us are doing it at present. Though I don’t feel restricted to that, I blog however I feel like blogging!

    If it had been raining, I’d have waited until it wasn’t, Mig. And thanks, we will!


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