Fun eral

It seems to have decided itself.  Despite my reservations about recorded music in church, I’m going with Tom Lehrer before the service starts and Tico Tico as I’m carried out.  In between, straightforward hymns – I still want Father Hear the Prayer We Offer, which decision has lasted eight years so far, so must be about right for me, and another hymn which hasn’t quite been settled yet, so I’ll probably do a shortlist and let the family decide.  Or they can go another way entirely if they like, as long as it is not All Things Bright and Beautiful, The Old Rugged Cross or Abide with Me. A wicker coffin, made by me or Sarah and little or no eulogy.  If I pop off unexpectedly, please point my family in this direction asap.

Today, I was back at work.  “Work” I should say, as it’s voluntary and therefore counts as fun.  The consultation for academy status still goes on, but I have to say, I have thoroughly read everything I can about it and will vote in favour.  Something drastic and unexpected would have to occur to make me pause.  Some of the teachers are not in favour, some are, but the arguments against do not take into account the facts of the matter.  I should make clear, I am not in any way in favour of sponsored academies and I do not want to change the conditions of employment of our staff, who are really excellent and work fantastically hard.  I look forward to working more closely with them, in fact.  This sounds thoroughly big-headed, I know, but those of the staff who don’t know me underestimate me.  I’m all fun and frivolity of course, but it thinly masks a lot of knowledge of school management and a worryingly tough cor blimey core.  The first thing I want to do is set up a staff/governor forum so that representatives from both can meet regularly to discuss current events and concerns.  I’m going to prove to sceptics that I mean what I say and that we can deliver what we intend.

I’m jumping ahead, of course.  The proposition may be voted down, or we may be rejected.  If so, it’ll mean a lot of cutbacks in a couple of years and probably a restriction to our curriculum.

Oh dear.  Sorry.  Let me see, what’s on tomorrow.  A meeting with solicitors at school in the morning, then a haircut, then playing for a funeral   The Lord’s My Shepherd and Abide With Me.  Better than B&B, I suppose.  Then there is the church AGM in the evening, but I shall not go.  Z the little rebel.  The Sage has another AGM; he is a Common Reeve and is up for re-election.

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  1. Gledwood

    Is this YOUR funeral you’re planning~?? I want All Things Bright And Beautiful at mine..!

    I ought to do some voluntary work as well. I wasn’t anything near well enough to do any before, but I could always give it a bash now. I don’t want it to turn into a ridiculous palaver like last time when I had chronic fatigue syndrome and had to go home after 20mins because I felt so dizzy.

    I dont even know what to do though. Any ideas? I wanted to work in a hospice with the dying but was told it wasn’t the best thing I could do with me being prone to depression and all.. I don’t know; that idea keeps coming back to me and I cannot see why I shouldnt give it a whirl… what do you think~~~~~~~??

  2. Z

    I’m an organist, Gledwood, and have played it so many times at funerals that I don’t care if I never hear it again.

    I think that volunteering at a hospice could be quite tough to start with. I know that you sometimes find meeting people quite hard, would working with animals be a good idea? Is there a local animal rescue place or dogs’ home? They often want help with feeding, walking and so on. I know you love animals.

    I’m a bit busy in the next few days, Dave. It’ll be fine.

  3. allotmentqueen

    Hey, are you psychic????

    Have just been to funeral of other half’s last remaining aunt (aged 85) and those were the very two hymns we had to sing! Spooky, or what?

    (No, they’re probably the very most likely ones, I know)


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