Wall party way

You will either come along the A road or through the town.  If coming along the bypass, look for the sign to the village and you will see the church spire.  Head for that.  If you come along Church Road, turn left at the church and immediately right into our drive; if you come down School Road with the church facing you, the drive is 50 yards short of the junction.  That’s the road you will turn down if coming from the town; it is the first on the left, about 3/4 of a mile from the little bridge out of town. Our entrance has two curved brick walls, one in need of repair, and open wrought iron gates.  You can’t see the house from the road; the drive forks but all roads lead to home so left and right wingers all welcome.  Don’t carry on past the church (or turn left at the T junction) or you will end up down a bumpy track and have to turn round.

After the Sage’s meeting tonight, there was a talk by an environmental officer about the Common.  He was very enthusiastic about the range of birds there and afterwards the Sage engaged him in conversation.  He is going to come and look at our land around here and advise us on anything more we can do to encourage wildlife.  There’s already rather a lot, in fact.

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  1. Dave

    I note the party starts at 12.30 pm. I often wonder about that. You, of course, must be right, so you’ve cleared up that confusion for me – 11.59 in the morning is followed by 12, which must be the last of the am hours, and anything after that is post meridian. But 12.30 – is that a pm or am time ? The 12 refers to an am hour, but the 30 indicates that we’re half an hour into the pm slot.

    Or am I misunderstanding, and the party actually starts at 30 minutes past midnight?


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