Fixing things

Wince was very pleased with the new trimmer.  We’d left it in its box so that he could have the excitement of unpacking it and he was soon off, cutting grass that had outgrown the mower.  It’s far better than a strimmer that you have to carry, if there’s an appreciable area to cut as it’s so easy to use.

He asked what we were going to do about the sinkhole and I had to say that my friend Jamie hadn’t got around to calling in, after ten days or so, and I’d have to phone and remind him.  I had said there was no immediate hurry, so he’d probably not quite gathered there was a sizeable hole outside the house.  I went out for lunch and, when I came back, Wince and LT were looking pleased with themselves.  It turned out that the hole didn’t extend as far under the drive as we’d feared, Wince had been putting aside enough rubble to fill it, they’d done so (LT nobly said that Wince had done most of the work) and they’d tamped it down and covered it with gravel, and now there’s no trace of a problem.

Today was the last day of term and, though I’ll carry on as a member of the academy trust for the time being, this will be for a limited period until I’m replaced and I don’t see that I’ll have more than two or three more meetings to go to.  Twenty-eight years as a school governor, eighteen at each school, it’s been a career in a sense.  It has certainly taken over my life and all my thoughts on a number of occasions.  And overall, I’ve done a good job.  I’ve always acted with integrity, I’m sure of that.  I’m not sorry to relinquish the responsibilities but I’ll miss being part of it.

Yet I look forward, not back.  And I keep blundering on.  It works out, mostly.

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