Z feels edgy

I’ve been let down by a few people recently, which has been disappointing.  None of you, obvs.  I don’t want to go into details, I’m only disappointed rather than angry and I trust I’ll be able to put things right tactfully in time.

Roses – in another thread entirely, but they will be linked – had a bird fall down her chimney and die.  Because there’s a sort of baffle plate, it’s not easy to get the poor thing out – I’ve done it before and it was unpleasant.  But I know what to do, so I armed myself with a face mask, latex gloves and a bin bag; and it wasn’t as bad as expected because the bird was not as big as we thought it would be.  It was a young rook, or maybe a crow, rather than a fat pigeon.  Anyway, the point is and the link to the first paragraph will come, that I noted that there’s a lot of soot and the chimney needs sweeping.  I have brushes of course, so I said I’ll sweep her chimney when I sweep ours.  There was a certain amount of surprise that I don’t get A Man In but, do you know, I’m fed up with depending on other people and I’ve decided, in the past few years, that I don’t want to do it again.

To clarify, I love and rely on LT and he’s totally dependable and I trust him.  But if someone else lets me down, I just get on and do it myself.

For various reasons, I feel a bit stroppy this evening.  I’ll get over it.  Just sayin’

Just going to sit next to LT and feel soothed by his calm.  And his general loveliness.  I’ll try to be, anyway.

2 comments on “Z feels edgy

  1. Kipper

    I feel the same way. So disrespectful when people don’t keep to their promises. I just had to haul very heavy items that a neighbor had discarded onto my parking strip..after I told them four times yesterday not to do so.The boxes and loose items were dragged back to their driveway and a polite (written while my jaw was clenched) text was sent to them indicating my displeasure. Good for you being your own chimney sweep!

    1. Z Post author

      That’s outrageous! Quite unbelievable.

      Years ago, we decided to sweep the chimney ourselves as the sweep was not especially careful or tidy. Our then gardener and Russell did it and we realised that, with care, it’s quite straightforward and not at all messy, and the fairly high price wasn’t worth it. I’ve never done it myself, though. But what could possibly go wrong?


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