Five questions

  1. What’s with the calls for rain and cold weather?  Have people forgotten that the whole of the first half of this year was cold and miserable?  We were still lighting fires in June, after all. In the fireplace, that is
  2. Is it an indication of how sad and shallow I am, that one of the things that has given me most pleasure this year is the discovery that I’ve lost an inch from my waist measurement since February?
  3. Ditto, that I’ve lost half a stone in a year without even trying?
  4. How does one equate a wish to drive economically with the news that this is bad for cars using diesel? Apparently, they need a heavier right foot than we are accustomed to using nowadays. Though I have to say, I hate filling the car and use the plastic gloves they provide at filling stations. The smell lingers worse than petrol. Next car will be petrol, I think.
  5. Never mind the fifth question, I’ve just seen the ewe anther forecast And must get in the washing. Oh, hang on, back to the fifth question. What’s with the odd auto-correct when blogging on the iPad? I typed tweak her correctly. I mean weather. Third time, it let it go without comment. Pfft.

5 comments on “Five questions

  1. 63mago

    People forget everything fast. I think it’s a law of nature.
    Congratulations to the smaller waist; I would not call this “sad and shallow”, but maybe “health-conscious” or something else sounding positive.
    It’s the particulate filter that needs a certain temperature to “burn free” – if this temperature is not reached the filter simply gets stuffed with the black stuff it filters out. Then you need a new filter, or a new engine, depends. To reach the necessary temperatures the whole engine-exhaust-system needs to run for a longish time (have a trip on the autobahn, short runs are definitely no good), or, if you go only “medium” distances, it needs a bit of a burn out – and all the nice fuel saving defensive driving is in vain. There is progress, but if this problem is really solved only time will tell. Modern petrol engines (Honda, Ford) come close to what a diesel gulps, without all this dangers.
    I hate auto-correct, I want to make my own mistakes – I do not need a machine for this!

    1. Z Post author

      It was such a long winter and cold spring. But of course the British are never satisfied with our weather.
      Vanity, I’m afraid, simple as that.
      Apparently, a lot of people are having problems at present, having switched to diesel cars and using them mainly to commute fairly short distances. I mainly drive half-hour trips but they are country roads, not fast ones. No autobahns in East Angular!
      I don’t use the auto-correct on my computer, only on phone and iPad. At least they suggest a word, don’t just alter it as the computer would.

    1. Z Post author

      Your weather is rather more extreme than ours, LX. We have nothing to fuss about with our modest heat.
      Thank you, though I haven’t worked at this, it’s just happened. Very nice, though my clothes are too big, most of them.

  2. PixieMum

    thanks so much, you have explained why our diesel Picasso stalled in slow traffic today. I have always assumed it is because I am in the wrong gear, one has to be travelling over 50 mph to be in fifth gear.

    How I dislike using the Picasso in town, but our 17 year old petrol Corsa has gone to the Body Shop to have rust removed from a door. We want to keep Megan going for as long as possible, her mileage is under 64,000 miles, so much more zippy around town and easier to park in small spaces even without power steering. Air conditioning is opening the roof or windows though. She is called Megan as part of the registration is MGN.


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