Z has a blogroll

Yes, it’s taken more than seven and a half years, but there it is.  It comprises people who have commented or registered here since the new blog has been up, who currently blog.  I hope I haven’t missed anyone out, please let me know if I have.

Other than that, today I’m mostly gardening, cutting back tired herbaceous plants in the hope of perking them up and getting some new growth, with the aid of some watering.  Russell is working in the garden too.  If you’ve been here, you’ll know that the gate to the field by the drive is falling apart after many decades of stalwart service – the post, which is about 9 inches square and once was solid oak, has disintegrated below the ground, and that is being replaced first.  It’s hard work and, I’m afraid, well beyond my girly muscles.  Rather beyond his, to be honest, but he’s making a start.

This is a dry garden, the rainfall here is pretty low to start with and the soil is sand on gravel.  I’ve never lived anywhere with heavy soil and I’m used to the conditions, so have adjusted my gardening accordingly over the years.  I water vegetables and pots of course, but rarely water flowers or shrubs unless it’s been exceptionally dry, not after the first year, because it just doesn’t work in the long term.  I’ve been given plants that I’ve tried very hard to care for but which have never thrived.

I have for you what is possibly the cutest cat photo in the history of kitteh pics.  Meet Wilson.2013 - 1

He is, apparently, as sweet as he looks, but quite boisterous – which I can hardly believe, bless his innocent little face.

15 comments on “Z has a blogroll

  1. Vicus Scurra

    Just to be clear. (Please excuse me). You have migrated your blog, set up this complex website, so that you could post pictures of cats?
    I pray for your immortal soul.

  2. Z Post author

    Just the one picture so far, dear heart. But yes, you’ve just about got it. This is the new, sweet and lovely Z, quite unlike the old, curmudgeonly one who never had a good word to say about anyone. And thank you for your prayer, I feel you have wiped away quite three days in purgatory for me. Only a few tens of thousands to go.

  3. Z Post author

    Of course I’d include you, XL!

    You want me to tease Vicus? …. well, Vicus expects disappointment, I suppose. He is the cutest cat I’ve ever seen I think – when i first saw the picture, I asked Ronan if it was a real cat or a cuddly toy! I don’t have any more photos at present though.

  4. Dinahmow

    Well…I have a new password for this site! (Think I must have thrown away the paper i scribbled on !)
    So, let’s see if I can leave a comment to say the new header looks good. And the kitten.But then, I would say that! 🙂

  5. nick

    I’m not sure Wilson is being very helpful with the jigsaw. Does he realise that sitting on the pieces is not the best way of proceeding?

  6. Z Post author

    Sorry about the password kerfuffle. Ronan is so security conscious and I’m determined not to get spam and between us we’ve got it stitched up good and proper.

    It is a Cheshire Cat, it seems, Mike. And I’m interested to note that it auto-corrected (on the iPad) to a capital on the second C.

    I suspect he thought they were more interested in the game than in him, Nick.

    Sorry, LX, you used a different email address, it goes for moderation the first time. Won’t happen again.

  7. xlentropy

    I think I know why my avatar works now. I changed the account e-mail address here to be the same as the one I use at wordpress.com, and hence at gravatar.com. TA-DA!

  8. Z Post author

    That’s it, XL, wordpress works with gravatar. I still haven’t investigated to see if I can get it to work here. There is little point in making excuses.

  9. 63mago

    ” when i first saw the picture, I asked Ronan if it was a real cat or a cuddly toy!”
    That was my first reaction too: Too perfect to be true, too “catty”.
    I just changed the auto-generated password to my “normal” one, so when I sign in for my blog I should simultaneously be able to comment here.


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