Z muses in the small hours

Sleep eludes me tonight, I can’t think why. Two hours asleep, but that seems to be it. I’ve tried everything except going to make tea, so that will be my last resort.

A Level results day yesterday, and congratulations to those such as Roses’ Boy, who gained the grades needed for their next step along life’s road. At my school, half a dozen got a string of straight As/A*s, but I think the most impressive is a boy with a progressive eye disease who is working as hard as he can while he does have his sight. He has been taking exams early and has passed Maths with an A* and Further Maths AS Level with an A. He is still only fifteen. He has visited university already to get his bearings, again whilst he can still see.

Wink will be coming to stay at the weekend for a few days. Both Zerlina and Gus are celebrating their birthdays soon so we are going over for a family jolly on Sunday. And Weeza and Phil will have been married eight years on Monday, Al and Dilly nine years the next Saturday. Gosh.

4 comments on “Z muses in the small hours

  1. Roses

    Thank you darling. We’re still a bit shellshocked (in a good way).

    Fabulous results for your school! Especially for your lad with the progressive eye disease. That’s commitment to learning. What a great attitude to have.


  2. Z Post author

    The attitude of his parents must have a lot to do with it. And he’s a very clever boy, of course. I suppose the only positive thing is that he has time to make preparations, but what an affliction to have hanging over you.


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