I said, apologetically to Brenda, who was running the cake stall, that I hadn’t and wouldn’t have time to make her any cakes. She is polite and kind and said she quite understood. I wondered if she’d like jam instead? So I went to the fête bearing four pots of strawberry jam and four of marmalade, and they all sold quite quickly, so I had not let the side down too badly.

And the weather! The sun always shines for the festival, so none of us had been too dismayed by the filthy weather we’ve been having for weeks, but today’s was far better than we’d expected. It was so windy yesterday, it would have been quite hard to manage to put up the stalls and bunting (no, I didn’t help, I was in the shop this morning), but it has been sunny and warm all day, with a light breeze.

I pigged out, a bit literally, on sausages. I didn’t have breakfast before I left so when, around 11, Al went to the cafe to get a sausage bap, I rather keenly asked for one too. I didn’t eat much of the bread, but the two (not very large) sausages went down well. At about three o’clock, with a pint and a half of good beer under my belt (well, I’d not drunk anything at all and I was thirsty), I thought i’d head for the food van. El recommended the hot dogs – proper sausages, she said, not canned frankfurters – so, what the hell – and the chips beckoned too. Though I did share them…

This evening, you will be astonished to learn, I drank water. Only water.

Just going next door to babysit. If I get around to it, I’ll finish later. With pictures!!(!)

Later – it’ll be tomorrow after all, darlings.

4 comments on “festivities

  1. luckyzmom

    Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and prayers for my friend and for the reminder that I need to pull the raspberries out of the freezer to make jam.

  2. Z

    I bought a sponge cake and a yummy date and walnut tea loaf (must try to find out who made it and get the recipe).

    Only water – two nights running, furthermore. However, do you notice, no post yesterday? That doesn’t happen often either. I wonder if there’s a connection – in vino volubilitas?


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