The Sage and Z in Harmony

Things are a bit busy just now. All stuff that was put on one side until the festival was over now have to be caught up with, and the rain having stopped, some vital weeding has been done, as well as cutting back bits of hedge that were making the drive hard to navigate. It was a bit like Sleeping Beauty’s castle round here, except I played the Handsome Prince rĂ´le, chopping my way through the brambles. The farmer declared his intention of, finally, cutting the grass on the front field – it seems to have bypassed turning into hay altogether this year, having started to seed and then just continued growing; however, it will be all right for silage. Anyway, we quartered all four acres questingly, armed with a garden fork and a couple of bin bags, and pulled up a moderate quantity of ragwort, which is a nastily pernicious poison and which, though ignored by livestock while growing, will be eaten in hay or silage.

Later, we chatted in a thinking ahead manner, and discovered that we are in complete accord with one another, which filled us both with great pleasure. A couple of them are in the nature of dreams that may come true – hey, why not? – but one is, with luck, not far beyond the horizon.

When we went on our WI outing last week, a friend was telling us that her dog and another friend’s bitch had had an (arranged) assignation, and it is hoped that puppies will result. I was immediately interested, as they are both mongrels of a labradorish sort, come from lovely and friendly families, and our darling late setter cross Chester was the brother of P & B’s (the bitch’s owners) dog Harvey.

The Sage kept quiet.

Over the next few days, I told the family, at various times, about this, and still the Sage said nothing. Now, he’s a tender-hearted chap who finds it hard to say “no” to me, but knows that in a matter like this, I wouldn’t go ahead without an actual “yes”.

Finally, this evening, since we were having such a jolly conversation, I asked him directly what he thought.

He Say Yes!!(!)

‘Course, we don’t know yet if puppies are on the way, or how many are spoken for already. But these seem minor details.

10 comments on “The Sage and Z in Harmony

  1. jen

    if not these puppies, then another. the one you were meant to have.

    and z, really…how could he resist you? if i were him the puppy might even be allowed on the bed.

    good on you, girl.

  2. Z

    That’s a good question, Imperatrix. She will be treated as top dog, and I hope she won’t find it too stressful.

    Yes, Jen – it took me four years to get Chester after our old dog died, three to wait for the Sage to agree and then an extra year to wait for the right dog to turn up.

    I grew up with dogs sleeping on my bed, but never since I was married. He is leader of the pack, you see.

  3. PI

    One great benefit in having a pet is the release from tension – lowering of BP and general serenity gained from fondling a dog. Poor old MTL has to make do with me.

  4. martina

    Congratulations! Tilly could use a dog buddy and you have lots of love to give an additional dog. I have two dogs and refer to the second one as the auxiliary canine.

  5. Z

    Pat, I have a lovely mental picture of you sitting at MTL’s feet, your head on his knee, him stroking your hair.

    I think it’s quite good to have more than one dog as companions for each other. I had been planning to have another one three years ago, but family events took over.

  6. Dave

    Oh Lord, now you’ve got me wanting dog again. My Lab died a couple of years ago, and I keep putting off looking for a replacement. If they happy to have a spare puppy…

  7. Z

    I think you do, Dave.

    The mother-to-be (DV) is from a huge litter of about 15, apparently. Her owner is sure there will be lots of puppies.

    Isn’t it odd how comments attract typos? If only Murph lived next door, I’d get him to help with the typing.


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