Two dinners Tilly

Our little dog has some way to go before she manages to blag her way towards emulating the magnificent Four Dinners, but she’s making a start.

It’s our village festival weekend. Tonight, there is a disco in the village hall and tomorrow is the beer festival and fête. On Sunday, there is coffee, lunch and tea in the church rooms. Throughout, there is an exhibition of wedding dresses and accompanying
paraphernalia. I had said I would do a flower arrangement for the font and help set up the exhibition.

I went early to do the flowers, intending to pop home for a Nice Cup of Tea. I fed Tilly a bit early, to her great pleasure. I mean, food – it’s what it’s all about, really, isn’t it?

I had hardly started when several people came in, asking if it was all right to look round the church. I welcomed them and we chatted – one of them had been evacuated from London to here at the age of four, his family then moved to Kings Lynn and he was revisiting old haunts. After they left, I did my flowers … but then helpers started arriving early, and we all mucked in.

A couple of hours later, I received a phone call from the Sage. He was going out, but wanted me to know that he had fed Tilly. “But I fed Tilly” I replied. “Oh. She looked very thin and hungry and I was sure she hadn’t been fed…”

She doesn’t look so thin now. She does, however, look pretty pleased with herself.

10 comments on “Two dinners Tilly

  1. Chairwoman of the bored

    Synchronicity! La Fluffita pulled exactly the same trick on Katy and Dmitri only 2 days ago.

    Much barking has taken place, do you think the message has been passed, dog to dog, from London to Yagnub?

  2. Chairwoman of the bored

    It must be.

    You don’t have a Great Dane and a Chihuahua living nearby do you?

    Could La Fluffita be Justice Secretary next week?

    Will Tilly be CEO at Southerby’s?

    The Dog Days are indeed upon us!

  3. Z

    Do you know, that prospect does not at all fill me with dismay.

    There is a nearby Great Dane (her owner works for Al) but I haven’t spotted a chihuahua lately. Mind you, with all this rain, the grass is pretty long.

  4. jen

    z’s getting tricky with her subliminal asides…sassy z.

    biscuits and all. i expect a report from the disco in the morning.

  5. hey bartender

    Hilarious, since my dogs just pulled the same number on me last week. One of them is quite large for his height and on a diet, so the other is also eating lo-cal food. Needless to say, they were pretty excited by the extra helping.


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