Everyone grumbled. The sky was grey.

Nothing happened for most of the day. I haven’t had time to write anything imaginative or personal and I was going to let you all have a day off.

And then…………

No, daddy didn’t fall into the pond (I do hope you know this poem, or you will think I’m absolutely barking)

Dilly found a piglet in the road!! Oh, go on then….. !!!

She phoned me to ask what to do. I knew to whom it belonged – well, the most likely person. I said I’d ring.

Actually, that’s about it. I phoned, the lady there (who was not the farmer, S & B were out) said she’d find someone to help and ten minutes later, Dilly stopped her car to pick me up on her way home – I was hotfooting it to go and help in case the piglet tried to get on to the bypass, not having appreciated quite how small it was – and said a young man “Well, younger than me” she said, had come from the farm. At that time it was frolicking in long grass so he was able to scoop it up with little difficulty. He said that they’d had a call earlier, but not been able to find it, so he was grateful that Dilly had stayed. It had walked about a mile, poor little thing, it was only one day old.

And Pugsley was weighed today. 11lbs 15oz. At a month and two days old. Well, my children all gained weight speedily too, nothing like mother’s milk. I held him while Dilly was pottering round the room doing things. His eyes followed her all the time. Afterwards, while she was giving Squiffany her tea (she made a pizza at the baby-group) I sang nursery rhymes to him. He didn’t seem to mind, maybe his eyesight is better than his hearing.

8 comments on “Everyone grumbled. The sky was grey.

  1. Wendz

    Well if the highlight of your day was catching a piglet, it beats mine.

    I almost bought an iron.

    I say almost because when I got to the shop I’d forgotten why I went and left with half the store, including a new pillow, but no iron.


  2. Z

    Wendz darling, your day, pants as it was, was not quite as dull as mine. I didn’t even see the piglet. And five minutes walk down the road was the only time I left the house. I have typed dully most of the day and not got half my work done. Woe! Let us gloom together over a bottle of wine. Australian Cabernet Sauvignon on offer here tonight.

    And you did need a new pillow, if it was to replace the one you washed, or do I mean exploded?


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