Winding down

The weekend has been quiet but I am tired this morning. This is entirely my own fault, as I went to bed very late. Since the clocks went back yesterday it would have been sensible to go to bed an hour earlier rather than later.

I bought croissants and decadent stuff like that for breakfast on Saturday. El and I both got up quite late and I made a pot of coffee and one of tea and took a trayful into the drawing room so that we could lounge around and chat while we ate. We were impressed and happy to find that the Sage had lit a fire, the first this autumn. It has been so mild that we haven’t needed one – we didn’t then, really, but it was such a pleasure. I said that we’ll want it every night now and the Sage said that we’ve plenty of coal and wood – use as much as you like, he said expansively, I’ve had my £200 pensioner’s heating allowance.

I look forward keenly to pensionerhood and my free bus pass.

Later, Dilly came over with the babies and we all played happily together. I went and made plates of sandwiches, cheese and egg, which were about all that were left in the larder, opened wine and fruit juice and we relaxed for most of the day. Squiffany came with me to the station to take El to catch her train. “Choo choo,” she said hopefully and was not disappointed. She has not had a train ride yet, there’s not much point in taking a train to Norwich as it’s nearly as far to the station as it is to Norwich. Maybe Beccles to Lowestoft in the summer.

I didn’t feel like cooking in the evening, so we fetched fish and chips. Gorgeous.

Sunday, relaxed again. No church in the morning so I got up late, listened to the radio, read the papers, caught up on blogs. Eventually, I went to check the sale accounts and was extremely gratified to find that they were right, which meant that we’d given the right change and that I’d added the cheques correctly. Once, I had the embarrassment of having to ring someone and asking for the £100 that I’d undercharged him.

Pub at lunchtime – I was running late by then so I skipped lunch and had beer instead. Only a pint, however, as I was playing the organ in the afternoon. There was a service for All Souls’ day, which isn’t until 2nd November, but we have it on the Sunday before, in remembrance of people who have died. All Souls’ day isn’t particularly commemorated in this country (unless it is by Catholics?) but the last Rector started up this service a few years ago and it is very much appreciated. Invitations are sent to those who have been bereaved during the past year, and it is open to all of course. Fifty-something people came, including several children remembering grandparents and it was a warm and comforting service. Everyone who wanted to, which meant everyone in fact, lit a candle in memory of those they were thinking of. Tea and cakes and a chat in the church rooms afterwards. Churches should be, and actually often are, for helping more than preaching.

And in the evening, Roro and I did a jigsaw. Started it, anyway. Nice to have a son who is good-natured enough still to do that sort of thing in the evening once in a while.

The fishmonger calls on a Monday morning and today he had mussels. Yum (me), Yuck (the Sage). That’s all right, I’ll have them for lunch and all the fewer to scrub.

12 comments on “Winding down

  1. Kitty

    Aunty Fanny I reckon!!!

    Sorry, that was uncalled for on my first visit wasn’t it?

    Z sounds very mysterious and spook-like. I hope you are not spying on me??? I live in Norwich so it would be poss!!!

    Thanks for being so kind to me chez Wendy. It’s not what I expect over there (only teasing, Wendy!).

  2. Z

    Aunt Fanny my arse! If you see what I mean. The poor woman led a hell of a life, with her unpleasant husband and daughter. If I can’t be Uncle Q, I’ll be Dick (sorry again) who was the only one with a sense of humour.

    I’d like to mention that it is several decades since I read any of these books. I just have a good memory.

    I didn’t realise you live in Norwich, maybe we can politely spy on each other, eyeing up likely suspects in the market place.

  3. Kitty

    Don’t mind, Kitty!!! Well, well.

    Yes, I always liked Dick too actually (Wendy will be very surprised to hear me say that). I also had a bit of a soft spot for George (less surprisingly).

    Did you know that those temporary market stalls have been kidnapped by the residents of Trowse and are being used as potting sheds? Good use of Council resources eh? I think it is something you should be investigating really, Z or Q or whoever you are today.

    Anyway, i am off to County Hall (that beautiful edifice to modern architecture we have) to interview.

    I have no idea what irascible is in Welsh by the way.


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