Am I getting a DBM?

Is it that one’s face gets thinner, even if one gets fatter, as one ages?

I have a scarred upper lip. The result of being hit accidentally in the face by a perfectly pleasant, but quite beefy (not in the overweight sense, just tall and muscular) German girl called Leonarda Swirskis (I may not have the spelling right and I rather hope I don’t in case she ever Googles herself) wielding a hockey stick. I was 14 at the time, I think, and I never engaged in a game of hockey again. I avoided the action. Fortunately, it missed my teeth, but I can still feel the scar on the inside of my lip, but until recently it was not visible to the outside world. Well, it was if you knew it was there, but no-one did.

Twice recently, I have looked in the mirror (always a mistake) and seen it. As a line extending through and above the lip. This is a precursor of a DBM which is the sorriest manifestation of female old age. Well, apart from incontinence.


9 comments on “Am I getting a DBM?

  1. Wendz

    What’s a DBM?

    I always look into the mirror and scan for signs of impending old age…miserably, there seem to be more and more signs so maybe I’ll reduce the mirror time and pretend I still look dewily rosy.

  2. Dandelion

    I call it a sunshine mouth. You know, with lines around it like when you were a child and you drew the sun as a circle with rays of sunshine coming out all around it. It seems a bit more cheerful to me than a DBM, especially as I am not, nor do I ever desire to be visually (or otherwise) familiar with a DB. Or indeed, any animals’ B.


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