We’ve had a young sixth-former staying with us for the past ten days and I’m not sure for how much longer. She’s daughter of friends of friends, lives in Berlin and, in Germany, they have the most enlightened option that students can opt to take their A Level equivalent in three years instead of two and spend half of the first year abroad, attending school and living with a family. This all worked out famously except that I didn’t know a suitable family. So, if she finds someone she would like to stay with and the parents agree, she will move out, but she’s welcome here until then.

It’s a lot of fun, having a teenager in the house again. And the Sage and I have upped our game considerably. Instead of eating breakfast on the hoof, we sit at the dining table (I’m putting on weight already) and we sit longer over dinner, chatting, as well. She’s delightful company and kindly overlooks our elderly, dull demeanour. She helps with the cooking and is no trouble at all.

She has her own laptop, but unfortunately it’s rather an old one and the DVD player doesn’t work any more. So she borrowed my Mac at the weekend to watch the films she had bought. Which was such fun that she appeared hopefully at my elbow an hour ago … “um, Z, can I ask you something?” “You’d like to borrow my computer again?  Okay, give me five minutes to finish this, then I’ve got several Scrabble games I haven’t played for the last three days.”

So I’m back on the iPad.

In fact, I’m going to be away for a few days soon because a friend is celebrating her 100th birthday and I have been invited for tea – she doesn’t want to have a party. Her younger sister died last month which is a great sadness for her, of course, and she would like her friends and family to call in a few at a time. She still lives by herself in her own home and is remarkably well and totally together mentally. So I’ll go and stay with Wink, visit Dodo (yes, really) and maybe see if a blogger or two in the Wiltshire and way home from Wiltshire direction might be available for a visit?  The birthday is the 27th and I’ll stay for a day or two after that.

And all we have to do is find Elle a place to stay while I’m away. Obviously, she can’t stay here with the Sage. There is a possibility though, and whilst Elle is speaking to the daughter, I will drop an email to her parents, whom I know. 

9 comments on “Elle

  1. Z

    Marvellous, thanks Tim. I’d love to. I’ll let you know what’s happening in time for you to …hang on, you’ve seen my house. You’re teasing me.

  2. Z

    I knew someone would say that, Rog – the first bit, that is. But her mother is French and her name begins with L.

    And don’t suggest I call her Elsie, please!

    Groan/hohoho … take your pick

  3. Z

    I’d love to, thank you. I’ll be in touch – I’m likely to be coming back next Sunday if that’s any good to Tim and Mig? I’ve already spoken to Zig.


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