What, Z brood? Never!

It’s been quite busy here for the last few days what with guests staying and the Sage’s sale on Friday night. So I’m sorry I haven’t been around – actually, I lent my computer to one of our guests, who is still here and I must tell you all about it soon. I’ll have it back tomorrow, at least for a few days, so I’ll be able to catch up with things.

Actually, I’m having a great time. Ro and Dora came over to supper last night, it’s all been very sociable and you do know how much I like being sociable. Several weeks of meetings start on Wednesday, and you also know that being busy is good for me. Because otherwise I worry, even if I have nothing to worry about.

I haven’t read any blogs for a few days, so I do hope that all is well with you. I have at least been dipping into Google + and Facebook, so I’ve seen a few of you. I’ve just check Google Reader though and there are 295 unread posts. Oh dear. It’ll take a while to say hello to everyone individually, so it’ll have to be HELLO from here instead for now.

Tomorrow, darlings. Love you lots, as the young people say xx

7 comments on “What, Z brood? Never!

  1. Pat

    Very brave of you to lend your computer. I tend to hover when the grand children are on it. I’m away next week if you miss me at Scrabble. Close to where the latest murder occurred.


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