Z sees her friends! Some of them, that is. Not blog friends

I had a rotten night but a really good day.  I was so tired I went to bed early and was wide awake soon after midnight.  I had less than an hour’s sleep after that.  In the end, I cried.  Honestly, darlings, I was that pathetic.  I had to go to the bathroom for some tissues because wiping my eyes on the pillowcase wasn’t good enough and even I’m not going to blow my nose on the sheet.

Anyway, things improved once I gave up and got up, and I texted Ro to see if he’d like to take me out to lunch.  And, dear boy, he said yes.  So off I went to my Nadfas lecture, which was jolly good.  Really excellent.  The lecturer is not a young woman – well over 70 at the least, but I’ve heard her several times over the years and she hasn’t lost her touch one bit.  This time it was about Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes.  And it wasn’t just the lecture that was brilliant either.  I arrived, signed in and was heading off to the auditorium to find a seat when the new Chairman came along.  Her face lit up and she came to hug me and I felt so welcome that, in my overtired state, I nearly got weepy again (but didn’t actually, because I’m not a girly) and I wished her well (because it was her first time as Chairman) and then the last Chairman before me came along and we all had a happy few minutes.  I saw several other friends too after the lecture and can’t think how I was daft enough to put obligations before enjoyment over the past year and only got to one lecture.  Do remind me, won’t you?  Fun comes first.

We went for lunch at the new J@m1e 0l1ver Italian restaurant.  I had spaghetti with vongole, Ro black spaghetti with scallops, both very nice.  We were amused by the waitress’s spiel and by the group of yummy mummies that came in, but it was a good cheerful atmosphere, if a bit “hi, my name’s Laura and I’m your new best friend and these are our specials” formula – but better than being slapped in the face with last week’s kipper and, as I say, the food was good which is the main thing.  And it was my birthday (you know, the one I decided to ignore) treat, so Ro paid, which was jolly generous considering he’s got to find a deposit to buy a house within weeks.

I still have to go back and finish my dog posts.  I nearly got as far as Chester, didn’t I?  Tomorrow, darlings.

6 comments on “Z sees her friends! Some of them, that is. Not blog friends

  1. Z

    Good boy, John! Chester will probably last for some days, darling dog.

    The thing is, I get to sleep easily, it’s the middle of the night that’s the trouble. I’m usually awake for a couple of hours at least, sometimes I only sleep for a couple of hours, beginning of the night and when I’m supposed to get up! I did try a herbal sleeping tablet someone gave me but it didn’t make any difference. However, I did sleep well last night, woke and slept again within half an hour, which is pretty good.

  2. mig

    I expect you’ve tried everything but have you asked a doctor about your insomnia? Not for medication, necessarily but perhaps for referral to a sleep clinic? I know there are such things.
    The lunch sounds like a lovely treat.

  3. luckyzmom

    Before my surgery in July, the nurse who called me to tell me when to stop what medications clued me in to an inexpensive alternative I could take to help me sleep because I had to stop the M*trin PM I had been taking. It works like a charm. It is Diphenhydramine HCI 25 mg. I take two most every night.

  4. Z

    I’m pretty good at self-help usually and I’m reluctant to go to the doctor because friends of mine have been put straight on to anti-depressants and been stuck on them for years. I wouldn’t take them of course, but right now I don’t feel up to the argument.


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