Dumb and Dee?

I realised that I needed to alter the timeclock so that the church heating would come on early on Sunday, for the monthly 8am service, so I cycled into Yagnub for the key to the church rooms (another story, won’t digress). I discovered that the heating was on, and was told that the Youth Group had something on in the church later.

At about half-past nine, I got twitchy. I had an uncharacteristically unlazy urge to go and check that the heating had been turned off again, so pedalled off to check. It was embarrassing that the Fellow and his lovely wife hadn’t left yet, and I had to own up that I was checking up on them. They laughed at me, which was entirely deserved, and the Fellow wondered if he should have told me about the event. Of course not, I reassured, and then remembered to mention that someone was coming in to check the sound system the next day, so I’d removed the microphones from the safe and left them in the locked vestry (that was the reason for the Lending of the Keys). “Ah,” he said in a ‘that explains it’ voice. “You put them back” He had. He went to get them out again. Lovely wife noted that we are, as churchwardens, two of a kind. I suggested that our control freakery is increasing to the extent that we may never let anyone take over from us.

I can’t remember why I mentioned to him that he is, for blogging purposes, known as the Fellow, but he looked slightly startled. Later, I emailed to explain that I don’t talk about him much, and quoted what I’d previously said (nothing personal and always complimentary).

In other news, Al’s brief slot on Radio Broadland* went well and was noticed, it seemed, because he has been asked to appear again next Monday, and has been promoted from 7.30am to the afternoon show. I trust the publicity will not go to his head.

*Link for Dave, who CBATG.

10 comments on “Dumb and Dee?

  1. crinklebee

    Ooh, CBATG. I’ve been around long enough to remember when Mike of Troubled Diva fame suggested that particular acronym be popularly adopted. Made me feel quite warm inside to see it again there…

  2. Monozygote

    Well, I don’t think it’s fair to single out poor dave like that.

    Only a stalker or a chronically bored person would google something from a personal blog-post, surely?

  3. Z

    One of the few I use, Crinklebee & 3LC. Where Mike leads, we follow, of course, not because we must but because we want to.

    MZ, I stand corrected.

    Of course not, Dave.

  4. Dave

    Ah well, thanks to the government, most of Britain is in the gutter, but now they’re closing Jodrell Bank, we won’t be able to see the stars.

  5. Z

    Darling, that is topical, has a splendid film reference and is witty to boot.

    *bows respectfully*

    Oh and you’re quite right


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