Video will never kill the radio star

The hot news for tomorrow morning is that Al will be on Radio Broadland around 7.30, when he will take part in the quiz on Rob’n’Chrissie’s show, ‘Over, Under, Or.’ Apparently, they will ask how many plastic bags Al has saved in the six weeks he has been plastic bag free. He keeps a tally, it seems, and knows. So the question will be asked and his interview will give the answer. This splendid show, which I’ve not had the pleasure of listening to yet, because I’m a Radio 4 girl at heart, is available live on the internet, so you can all listen to him, darlings; assuming you have read this before 7.30 am GMT on Friday.

Otherwise, I’ve been mightily annoyed by the vicissitudes of life, mainly technology, but it’s all sorted now and I have mellowed nicely. My iPod, which seemed for a while to be terminally buggered, is working again and I have finally persuaded the camera and the computer to live together in harmony. A large pine tree, which we were rather worried might fall on the house, has been felled and had a large crack vertically through the trunk, so we’re mighty pleased that we learned from the near-disaster of one barely missing Al & family’s house last winter and cut this down in time.

Dilly is taking on the chin the news that she has carpel tunnel syndrome in her right arm, although it wasn’t actually what she was being tested for – a sort of bonus, really, you might say.

6 comments on “Video will never kill the radio star

  1. Dave

    Well, it is before 7.30, but I’m happily listening to Radio 4, and as you haven’t given us a link to this obscure station, I’m sorry but I don’t feel inclined to search for it at the moment.

  2. Blue Witch

    Ah CTS, the latest medical profession over-diagnosis (ie if the tests for other things come back negative, you get that label)…

    Given her age, a word of advice from a fellow sufferer who has extensiely researched – DON’T let them operate. Instead reduce/eliminate any activity of a repetitive tiring nature, or vast short-term twisting effort (including tight unscrewing lids on jars and especially typing). And ibuprofen if it is totally unbearable (takes the edge off, an must less harmful long-term than the pain moduator drugs they may otherwise profer if it is really bad).

    And – my best tip – which was from a fellow (now ex-) blogger 5 years ago and really works – rub in a solution of 3 drops of Roman Camomile Essential oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil (Vitamin E or peach kernel are my choice, but olive oil will do if you haven’t anything else) every night. You can go to bed in absolute agony and wake up OK the next day. That potion works for other things like tennis elbow and back problems too, friends I’ve recommended it to tell me.

  3. Z

    Don’t worry, Badge, he seems to have impressed them, because he’s been asked to be interviewed again – I think that will be next Monday afternoon, but I’ll confirm.

    It does seem to be going the rounds, BW, but her mother had it for some years – she finally had an operation a couple of years back and is all right now as far as I know.

    It’s completely separate from the other condition but happens to affect the same place. She’s waiting for the results of the MRI scan about that. Thanks for the advice, which I’ll pass on.


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