Z the Busker

I found a message on the answerphone when I got home at about 4.30, giving me the hymns for tomorrow. Now, I’d only been out for an hour – that’s a bit late to give the organist the hymn numbers, but I’m easy-going and I don’t really mind. I’m interested to see, however, that I don’t know any of them. It was too late for me to feel willing to go down to the church and practise, and my piano is still away being repaired*

I looked at the music a little while ago and all except the last look quite playable at sight, so I’ll go with it. However, if I don’t know them, neither will most of the congregation. Should be fun, I’m quite happy.

I was chatting to the assistant whom Al has engaged for alternative Saturday afternoons – I hope he will offer him more hours before long, because he is a Good Lad. When I told him I’m a governor at his school he said, with a measure of enthusiasm, “Cool!” He has put his name down for the BTech in Construction at the … oh sorry, I fear the Power of Google, so I won’t say the name … it’s a purpose-built establishment, offering courses in Construction, Engineering, Motor Mechanics, Hairdressing and Catering; all 2-year courses which, successfully completed, equate to 2 GCSEs and it’s run by Lowestoft college for students from Yagnub and Selcceb. We talked about bricklaying, and I admitted an interest in several of the courses, having been shown round the centre. I can cook and I don’t want to hairdress, but the others interest me vastly. I’d love to have a go.

*actually, I suspect it still hasn’t been touched, but there is still 10 months to go before the Wrath of Z is engaged.

10 comments on “Z the Busker

  1. Monozygote

    Ooh, I’ve always wanted to do Bricklaying.

    I can’t believe there are hymns that you don’t know, z. Which ones are they? I will be thinking of you in the morning. I hope it’s as fun as you reckon it’ll be.

  2. Dave

    I love bricklaying. I’m self-taught though, from books and practical experience.

    I refuse to be drawn on the subject of hymns, because I’m not supposed to be working.

  3. Z

    A touch of the Churchills here, it seems. I enjoy learning practical and useful skills.

    the hymns were ‘Now is Eternal Life’, to the tune Christchurch; ‘The Spirit Lives to set us Free’, (Walk in the Light) – I have heard this but never played it; ‘O Breath of Life’, tune Spiritus Vitae and ‘There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy’, tune Daily Daily.

  4. Z

    They were all right – the congregation didn’t know them either, but were game for a good try. Reg was apologetic when I told him they were new to me, but I said I didn’t mind at all. It’s good for me.


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