Driving on

We’ve been down to Reading and back, and Tim has had his MRI scan and we’ll be home here – as opposed to home there – for the next month.  Weeza is happily planning the Christmas celebrations – she reminds me of me, really, I used to go to endless trouble over it all when my children were young too.  All my children are good cooks and hospitable, and that makes me very happy.  I got that right, at the least.

Eloise cat is very pleased to see us, especially Tim.  She’s been sitting on him, whenever he’s been available, much of the day.  She tends to come to me more at night, because I’m usually awake.

We’re planning a few changes around the house.  Mostly, it’s the change of use from one of the spare bedrooms to a dressing room, though that involves the choosing and buying of wardrobes – and probably the assembling of them too – which is going to be some effort.  And there’s an alcove in the dining room which, until 90 years ago, housed a cupboard staircase and, for the last 30-something, hasn’t done anything much.  I think we’ll have to make shelves for that, because we can store stuff there.  It’ll mean moving the wind-up gramophone, though. I’m not sure where to, yet.

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  1. Mike and Ann.

    Well – I could sing it to you. I do know all of it. Listened to it on my grandfather Horner’s wind up gramaphone often enough. I think your Russell and I were the only two blokes in East Anglia who did know it!


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