The heart of Thursday lunchtime

We went out to lunch yesterday at one of our favourite local hostelries – there are two in Yagnub, plus a café, that get our regular business – and we shared a platter of fish, meat, cheese and salad, plus chutney, olives, hummus and so on.  There was actually rather a lot of food, but we demolished most of it, whilst protesting that we couldn’t possibly.

There was music being played in the background, quite softly, which wouldn’t normally have been a problem.  LT and I are similar, in that we both listen to music rather than have it as a background sound, but usually we can tune it out.  However, this wasn’t so easy.  A woman was singing – she had quite a nice voice but she’d chosen to mangle every good tune she could find. The tune was unrecognisable, the metre was mangled, the piano accompaniment bore no resemblance either to the original song or what she did with it, and only the words gave the clue to the song itself; with the result that I spent much of the time listening intently, to try and wok out what the hell she was wrecking this time.

That I didn’t let it bother me was down to the good food and the excellent company.  I should have asked what the CD was, though, if only to avoid ever hearing it again.

2 comments on “The heart of Thursday lunchtime

    1. Z Post author

      They seem to avoid silence in a lot of places. It was quiet enough to tune out, except that I was trying to identify the songs she was mangling!


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