Z ghosts her satnav

I came over all purposeful this morning and started a to-do list.  I’ve only got a few things on it and nothing that I jolly well know I’ve got to do, like get ready for Christmas – erk – or anything in the least worrying, more in the nature of sort out bamboo canes and take back library books,  but it’s still made me anxious.  I’m trying to identify now what it is that’s worrying me.  Maybe it’s simply December that’s the culprit.

Having said that, I’m doing rather well this back-end of the year.  Usually, I am running half empty during the winter months, but I feel quite with it, so far.  Although yesterday, as we left Reading, Tim had to point out that the lights I was slowing down for were actually green.  It got better once we were on the motorway.

Being an East Angular woman, I don’t drive on motorways that often – and never so much as since LT and I got together – so I don’t know them enormously well, but the A1M does seem to be a rather pleasant one of its kind; in that we’ve never been held up by the traffic.  It’s occasionally slowed down but never stopped and it’s usually 70 mph all the way.  So we’ve abandoned the M11, much to the dismay of my satnav.  You’d think she’d twig fairly rapidly that I’m ignoring her, but she begs me to reconsider for miles.  It’s shorter, it’s often quicker, so no.  Even if the apparent journey is faster, it’s also more miserable and there are often hold-ups that aren’t known about until it’s too late to change.

I must add another item to the to-do list.  Check out how to do custom journeys for the satnav.

You might wonder, by the way, why I bother to turn on the satnav for a journey I know.  It’s for two reasons – first, for the traffic reports and second, so that I know how far it is until the next junction.  Then I can position myself to the right lane or the one next to it in good time.  I like to be prepared.  It’s the sort of organised  Z that I am.  In some respects.

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  1. LẌ

    I also turn on the nav system for known routes for updated traffic routing reports. Especially helpful when transiting the Houston megalopolis where there are several alternate routes.


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