Double whammy granny

I slept jolly well last night, good job I didn’t have anything on first thing.  This afternoon, as I said yesterday, I went to look after Zerlina because her parents had an appointment.  She was lovely and we played for the afternoon – I reminded her a couple of times about the loo, and she headed for the stairs when she felt the need.  Good girlie.

As you know, Dilly and Al are expecting a baby in late May.  Now Weeza has had a scan and is over the first more precarious weeks, I can tell you that she and Phil are expecting their second child in mid-August.    I’m feeling quite the matriarch, I can tell you, and it’s a jolly good feeling.  One of these days, someone in the family might take me seriously and I may receive the respect I deserve.

Or maybe I do already.  Oh dear.

12 comments on “Double whammy granny

  1. Z

    Not giving up hope, Rog – but even with a double, you’re way ahead. I’ll have to tell the children to aim for triplets next time,.

    Thanks, all of you. Lovely to hear from you, Jane, hope all’s well x

  2. Z

    Please don’t see that as a failure on your part, Chris. And thank you, although I didn’t really do anything to achieve these particular results.


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