Sorry about yesterday’s lack of post.  I wrote on in the afternoon, but it was one of those that rambled on until it even bored me, so I deleted it.  Then I remembered on my way to bed, but fell asleep before I could write one on the phone.

What I had been going to write about, since nothing of particular interest happened yesterday, was that I’m finally starting to get into Facebook rather more warmly.  It’s taken a while, but then so did blogging.  It was a long time before I stopped feeling quite artificial, pretentious even, and longer again before I felt part of a community here.

I’d been reading blogs for a while, but not venturing to comment because it didn’t seem quite polite to barge in when people all seemed to know each other.  Then I discovered that most bloggers welcome comments and like to know they’ve got new readers, so I started to leave some comments and from there it wasn’t long before I started blogging myself (five years ago last month, I’m not big on anniversaries so I didn’t mention it at the time).  I really thought I was going to be completely anonymous, but that didn’t last long.

I had the same idea on Facebook, very briefly, and put in a false surname but soon changed my mind.  It seemed pointless and indeed, I have now got quite a number of real-life friends there.   I’ve still kept the blog and FB separate however – some folks publish their posts there too (or rather, links to them), but I don’t.  Quite a few of my friends do know I have a blog, but only three of them have asked for its name and one looked for me, that I know of.  However, Dave mentioned the blog on my wall this morning.  And I know that my name, Googled, leads here (a mishap when a box auto-filled and I didn’t notice, years ago).  So, if anyone I actually know arrives by that route – yep, this is my little, not very well-kept secret.  

9 comments on “Zouted

  1. Roses

    Wow, 5 years. journeying will be 5 years in June. Can’t believe how time has flown.

    Happy Belated Blogversary to you.

    I love that you’ve joined FB too and that we share many glasses of virtual wine. Or should that read: we share glasses of wine virtually?

  2. Z

    I think Drake suits you better.

    I’ve found it very welcoming, Roses, thank you – for the first few weeks, I didn’t quite see how one might make new friends there, as compared to befriending people to build up a long list, but Andy, Kym and I seem to be well on the way, via you.

    I’ve been on the slide for years, Chris. But it’ll be for you to tell be if the standard does.

    Dave, darling, you don’t let a girl be, do you? That’s a very attractive quality in a man. Last night I chose between a reply here and a comment to you. I chose you, dear heart x

  3. Z

    You ahemmed at 8.27 am on a Sunday morning – I was still in bed. Darling, I haven’t got my face on yet and I’m due in church in half an hour.

    Of course, you probably expected me to make up for Friday’s missed post with two yesterday. I wrote 35 posts in January to give me some leeway.


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