Departure day approaches

It was lovely to spend the night with Weeza and the children.  Phil is due back on Saturday morning and is intending to take the children out in the afternoon, both because they’ve all missed each other and to give Weeza a break.

I can’t believe the time to leave is so near, I’m leaving for Heathrow on Monday!  I must finish my preparations.  Still haven’t booked my bus to get there, it’s on the list for tomorrow.  As is a load of other work, the minutes to write up from yesterday, a couple of other letters for another club, a meeting with the Head.  If the minutes from the last governors’ meeting come through I’ll have to go through them.  It’s all right, I’m still on top of things, but only just.  I’d be bored with routine though, this is how I like it.

I bought some presents to take to our friends in India, including some chocolate (Easter eggs, English chocolate is popular over there) and dropped in at home to leave it rather than have it in the heat of the car while I was in Year 9 Music.  As I came round the bend in the drive, the black and white cat that spends a lot of time around here appeared through the hedge by the lawn and ran over the drive towards the Ups and Downs, the rough field.  It had in its jaws a half-grown rabbit.  When I left again, a couple of minutes later, it was the other side of the drive near the hen-house, still carrying the rabbit.  “Was it alive?” asked the Sage when I told him later (the rabbit, that is).  No, definitely very dead.  I congratulated the cat, we’re rather overrun with rabbits, sweet as they are.  Its jaws must ache tonight, carrying it like that.

I bought a couple of summer skirts today.  Comfortably back to a size 10, thank goodness.  I put on a few pounds last year and have been assiduously losing them – well, not quite all yet, but they will go.  Gorgeous as the food is in India, I shall not gorge.  It’ll be too hot, for one thing.  But yum, I’m really looking forward to that food.

8 comments on “Departure day approaches

  1. Tim

    Bus? Let’s hope they’ve got some petrol. (Of course they will.)
    I envy you your adventure – have a fabulous time, and best wishes to the spice.

  2. Rog

    Team Oz would be very willing to assist with the rabbit problem but Lil wouldn’t bring them back and Oz only has 2 teeth these days. They aren’t allowed chocolate rabbits either.

  3. Z

    Well, I trust so, Tim. And that it will all be sorted out while I’m away. I haven’t been joining the queues at the filling stations.

    Thank you, darlings. I’ve booked my insurance now anyway, but the Nat. Express website is giving trouble so I haven’t got the coach booked yet. Still , plugging away.

  4. 63mago

    Monday is traveling day here too, but just to cold Mittelfranken, not phantastic India! I hope you will have a great time, travel safe, return well.


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