The funeral went very well, warm words spoken about Dave, and Rose and his family coped. The flowers were not as worrying as I’d thought they would be – I had a plan and it wasn’t so difficult after all. His favourite flowers were sunflowers and gerberas, which I’d bought, and I added deep purple irises, white and pale purple lupins, cream and pale yellow roses, white and purple sweet peas, wild marguerites, wheat stalks and seeding wild grasses, with some trailing Virginia creeper and some foliage from the florist which name I didn’t catch. It was all tied, on top of the firmly knotted string, with raffia. The florist had warned me to leave it as long as possible before I took the flowers out of water, so I did it all in about half an hour, with not too many mistakes, once I’d worked out what I was doing. My main concern was that the whole thing would fall apart, as it had to be moved several times, but it was okay. It didn’t look professional, but it was never going to and that wasn’t the plan.

It’s been the main focus of the day, of course, and we left home at 11.30 and didn’t get back until 9, so I’m quite tired. I’m sure Rose is more so, but she was very touched by all the kindness shown. Some fellow bloggers were there too, which shows the warmth of our community – even though they’re actually ex-bloggers, the friendship remains.

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