A little less limping, a little more action

After dinner, I am usually too tired to make it to the computer. I should blog earlier in the day.

Rose is bearing up as well as possible. There’s so much for an executor to do, which is harder when there are a number of beneficiaries.

Let’s go for the good news – we took Eloise cat back to Ipswich to have a check-up with the specialist vet who operated on her. He is very pleased and says that she is doing as well as she possibly can. We should expect her to limp a bit for the next few weeks, it all feels secure and in place. Keep her caged except under supervision for the next fortnight and then let her have freedom in the house (he hasn’t seen the house, I think we’ll close off parts of it). After 8 weeks, get her checked at the local vets and if all is well, she can go outside and resume her normal life, This is a great relief, it’s been pretty difficult and time-consuming, but our time is willingly devoted to her. All the same, it’s awfully boring to stand or sit while she potters about, then lies down in an inconvenient place for half an hour, then moves a yard or two, etc etc. It’s a good test of patience

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