Carrying on

Not much is different, which never used to stop me blogging. Eloise cat and I spent well over two hours outdoors this morning, with me carrying my chair whenever she moved. LT kindly brought me out some lunch – shared with Eloise of course – rather than see me dismally hungry.

It’s Dave’s funeral tomorrow. Rose asked me to arrange flowers for his coffin, which I acknowledged was rather outside my experience, but of course I’ll do as she asks. I’ve got flowers and foliage in buckets ready for the morning. I’ve got a plan in mind, but I know that it’ll be trickier than my mind’s eye says it will.

When I went to feed Canasta this morning, i found that three of the eggs were exposed, not underneath her warm body. I don’t know how long that had been for and tucked them back under her, but their chances aren’t as good now. I think that the eggs should hatch early next week, perhaps Monday. Fingers crossed.

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