We arrived home yesterday, it’s been a really good week. But first, the wedding last Saturday.

Zain and H had a traditional Muslim wedding and then we, along with 30 or so others, joined them at the registry office for the legal bit. Zain has a well-earned reputation for doing everything at the last minute, but also for having ambitious plans, so it could have gone awry – but it didn’t. Supremely well organised and everything went well. The evening reception was held at Duxford air museum and we dined under the wing of Concorde. It was all fabulous and happy, as a wedding should be. I was mildly embarrassed by my sensible sandals, but was glad to see that quite a number of people wear shoes you can walk in, nowadays. My broken foot healed just in time.

I felt soppily sentimental at the wedding itself, which isn’t like my normal self. But there, what can I do about it?

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